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EXPOSED: A bi-monthly event that provides a platform for local fashion designers, musicians, artists, and start-up businesses to showcase their work and network with the community.

VISION: To contribute to the growth of the creative culture in Calgary. 

After three successful events, Exposed is looking to build it’s brand and create sustained partnerships with local businesses. 

I would highly recommend Lux Media Group to anyone who is considering on hosting an event with them. Kelsi’s event staff, entertainment co-ordinators, and vendors were very organized and effective with setting up and using the space we provided for them. I feel the event was a huge success.
— Lee-Oscar Lawson, Vagabond

Not only is Exposed about showcasing the artists involved but also showcasing different venues and staples in the city. We’ve hosted events at Last Best Brewing & Distilling, Local 522, and most recently, Vagabond.This event has had local bands perform such as: Windigo, The Ashley Hundred, I Am The Mountain, Lunar Wilde, Amelie Patterson, Jay Fletch, M.J.M, and In Search of Sasquatch. This event has also showcased numerous start-ups, jewelers, artists, and fashion designers such as NRT Fashions and 6Streets Clothing.